venerdì 1 febbraio 2013


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If you follow me on Pinterest you'll surely see that i'm collecting many Valentine's day project these days.
It's time to share what I found! Keep watching, I will post some new tutorials soon x

1. Heart Shaped Instagram Pictures Collage

I'm pretty sure all of you are Instagram owners, so what about a heart shaped
collage on canvas with your pictures?

2. Secret Message Mason Jar

I love mason jars so much! Put a sweet note inside a jar and give it to your lover.

3. Felt Heart Shaped Hands Warmer

Make your lover feel warmer when your away with this cute felt hearts!

4. Painted Heart Pillow 

This tutorial shows how to make a bag. But I recommend using this technique for making a pillow!

5. Valentine Glitter Mason Jar

Nice and simple project for last minute gifts!

6. Lace Hearts Garland
Use Christmas Lights to make these beautiful garlands!

7. Love Voucher Booklet

Make this simple project by printing some nice date ideas.

8. February Ombre Calendar

Amazing and soft calendar. He won't forget your anniversary anymore!

9. Heart Milk Cubes

These cute little hearts will colour the milk!

10. Fortune Cookies

Sweet note inside delicious fortune cookies! Surprise!

11. Chocolate Cupcakes with Heart Shape Cutouts

Hope you like them (:

17 commenti:

  1. I love so much Heart Shaped Instagram Pictures Collage!
    Thanks for nice ideas!

  2. Love these ideas! So cute!

    Sita xx

  3. thanks for such a sweet comment. xx

  4. Lovely ideas!!! Great pictures as well!
    Have a fabulous time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  5. Sooooo cute! I love the idea of number 9 but everything is great :)

  6. Amazing post! I love the diy:)

    Check out my blog:

  7. awww these are all so awesome!! i love the heart garland- i think i'd have that up all year round. i also love the love vouchers (so sweet) and that heart collage! all of a sudden i have so many ideas to shower my love with :D

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  8. aw lovely ideas! <3

    following you now xoxo

  9. awesome DIYs! fabulous ideas! thanks for sharing <3


  10. Such great DIY ideas, thank you so much for sharing x

  11. I love the lace hearts garland, so pretty. So many cute ideas!

    Fashion Burger

  12. I really love this ! So cute!

    My blog is up and running again! More posts will come this week! Please stop by <3



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